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HTML Website

 A unique style designed by us

 Responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet

 The ideal choice if the content does not have to be adjusted frequently

 You can not change anything on the content, there are costs associated with adjustments.

Price from 69.99 euro,-

WordPress Themes Website

 You can easily choose from more than 100 professional examples, instead of your own unique design

 Responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet

 Many free plugins

 Ready within 2 days

View WordPress themes examples

Price from 44.99 euro,-

CMS Website

 Unique responsive design

 Includes (WordPress) CMS

 To be reached for all questions contact

 Many plugins can be installed

Price from 179.99 euro,-

I have 2 years of experience and I have learned a lot. That is why I am now ready to make something beautiful for you. I think that all websites are too similar, because people use a standard style for their website. Because of this, I want to try to break through with my creativity in this way. Your website should be unique, including your ideas and wishes. I am very passionate about creating websites and I am learning more and more. I am enthusiastic, customer-oriented and reliable with a lot of motivation. The next step for me to learn is how I can make a webshop website
We work with WordPress: WordPress Content Management System . WordPress is the best CMS at the moment. It has many expansion possibilities (plugins) and it is safe.

You can expand a website by:
✲Google maps
✲Multiple photo galleries in a slider
✲Portfolio slider
✲Social media
✲Absolutely responsive for mobile phones and tablets

For more questions and wishes you can contact us any time.

To view the websites that I have made, go to portfolio.

Price is exclusive btw.
HTML website - With all text and photo editing, the hourly rate applies to us.
Developing WordPress theme website takes 2 days with few pages and content.

hourly rate: 19.99 euro,-

Tested operating systems in top 5 web browsers including mobile and desktop